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Our client is a group that owns 6 museums in 3 major cities, and 14 attractions that target children, teens and adults. They have about 1.8 million visitors per year, and almost 5000 visitors per day. Most of their marketing efforts were focused on more traditional channels- PR, TV, radio, transit, magazine and newspaper ads –yet, they were not doing much on the digital side. They felt that a significant percentage of their audience was online, and they were not taking advantage of it. When we first talked to them they had 3 main challenges:

  1. How to make the best use of social media and other digital platforms to captivate more visitors to their museums and other attractions?
  2. How to attract more young adults and families? They were unsure on how to reach these two groups in a more targeted way.
  3. How to engage and gain returning visitors?



We designed a tailored digital media plan for each of their museums and attractions. This plan was aligned with their strategic and sales goals, and the budget for the year. The plan considered the different events and holidays, the high and low seasons, the opening of new attractions, and so on. We also worked closely with their communications department to make sure we could complement their efforts and increase their impact. Along the year, we reviewed the plan every 3 months, because things in this industry (as with others) change quickly, so we had to be dynamic and adapt to get the best results for our client.


Each trimester we launched specific campaigns for one or multiple attractions targeting key audiences. For these campaigns, we used social media and online marketing to drive traffic to different microsites, engage their audience and drive them to take action.

We manage their community on Facebook and Twitter to increase their followers, and made use of other digital tools like videos, pictures, and interactive experiences to create a viral effect.


All with the objective to:



Following the digital plan and through the different online campaigns we ran for our client, we have so far achieved the following results:

Based on our results and the return on investment that our client has obtained, they decided to allocate a significant portion of their marketing budget to online channels.


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