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Our client is a large accelerator with 5 offices in the U.S., 2 in Canada and 1 in Spain. Since 2004, our client has provided both startups and large companies with access to the most dynamic business ecosystems, helping them expand to global markets. The accelerator works with:

When we first started working with this client 7 years ago, they had 3 main challenges:



Our team has helped each generation of this accelerator identify the areas for growth, conduct thorough market research, and develop a solid launch strategy. We also have helped them asses and manage the risks associated with entering a new market. 

We first conduct research for each of these companies to see how viable would their products or services be in the new target market. We look at potential clients, their competitors, similar products, pricing and other key elements. Armed with this information, we can help these companies adapt and meet the specific needs of their new audience.

Then, we guide them on how this new market thinks, and work with them to integrate the cultural and business differences into their marketing strategy. Looking at each element of the marketing mix, we make sure we use the right channels to help these companies position their product or service in the new market.

With the strategy in place, we create and tailor the materials these companies need to penetrate the new market, such as: packaging, website, brochure, video, case studies, expo materials, sales kits and more.

We help the companies customize these materials to the new market in the local language, taking into account the specific needs of their audience and the cultural differences, and adapting their messaging to be more effective.



We have been working with this client for 7 years. During this time we have achieved the following outcomes:



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