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    Why is User Experience key for your website or app?

    Websites, apps, and online experiences have become progressively more complex. Users like to quickly scan pages for the information they’re looking for. What used to be a one-way and static channel has evolved into a feature-rich and interactive experience.

    Yet, a website’s success still hinges on the same thing: how users perceive it.

    So, what is
    User Experience (UX) all about?

    User experience looks at how well your website is presented, how easy it is to navigate, and how easy it is for visitors to find the information they’re looking for. The behaviors, attitudes, and emotions someone has towards your website, app or software.

    User experience looks at the usability, accessibility, performance, visual design, utility, structure, content, perceived value and brand of a site or app, and coordinates these elements to allow for the best possible user interaction.

    It’s subjective in nature because it’s about the individual perception and the way a particular audience interacts with your site or app. It should be dynamic and constantly modified to match changing circumstances and new innovations.

    When it comes to digital channels, user experience is as important as visual identity, and the two should be given equal importance. Unfortunately, user experience is a part of the design process that you don’t hear about unless something goes wrong.

    A well-thought-out site or app needs to conform to your overall digital strategy, offering a seamless and unmatched user experience. This means that the functionality and content that are delivered must be in line with what your target audience really wants.

    A good user experience requires some research, user feedback and a good amount of finessing. There are some key questions that your website or app must answer:

    1. Do users understand what your company or organization does and offers?
    2. Can visitors easily find what they are looking for?
    3. Is your site or app efficient, intuitive, engaging and overall user friendly?

    The key is to know what your users are trying to do, and make it easy for them to do it. Both the design and development of your site or app need to be focused around the prospective user and their journey to the end goal, making sure they can intuitively find the correct path to reach that goal.

    Good design
    is good business.

    User experience is becoming an increasingly crucial feature when it comes to the digital landscape. If your website or app is confusing or frustrating, then it is providing a poor UX, and users will likely abandon or uninstall it in a heartbeat.

    On the other hand, a well designed website can only lead to a better user experience, and will definitely help increase your conversion rates. Good UX can translate into several key benefits:

    Customer Loyalty

    In the simplest terms possible, if your users have a bad experience they won’t come back. So not only have you lost a customer, you’ve increased the likelihood that your customer will go to a competitor.
    A good user experience can create the kind of loyalty that keeps people coming back for more, increasing engagement.

    Efficiency and Productivity

    Good user experience improves efficiency by helping your users do things faster or make fewer mistakes. If you’re looking at UX for an internal customer, such as employees who use your intranet, improving the efficiency of your tools has a direct correlation to productivity. Looking at this on an e-commerce site, UX makes it faster and simpler for visitors to buy one or multiple products.


    Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Your customers are your users. When it’s easy, pleasant and natural for users to be able to achieve a given task, users are likely to visit your site or use your app more often. Great UX also guarantees that users won’t end up in a dead-end, or frustrated because they’re forced to interact with the same data in a multitude of different ways. The better experience you provide for your clients, the more satisfied they’d be.

    Improved Conversion Rates

    Having a good user experience ensures that your company gets a return on its investment, and a measurable value for your business. It helps you convert visitors into buyers, and create loyal customers that return to buy your products or services.

    If the goal is to create awareness then a good user experience will give your visitors the information they’re looking for in an engaging manner. If your website is aimed at lead generation then a good user experience will give visitors a compelling reason to fill in their contact information. Even if you only want visitors to call your business or visit your store, your UX should communicate why it’s worth their while to do so and have clear call-to-actions on what you want them to do next.

    Increased Sales

    A well-designed site or app will have increased traffic, transactions, and conversions. They’ll attract and keep more clients, who will buy more products and leave positive feedback. Providing a great experience helps promote positive word of mouth, thereby increasing sales.

    Let our team design the best user experience for your website, web app or mobile app, and reap the benefits of a good user experience. Contact us we are here to help!